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Pricing Your Home

Thinking about selling your home? For many home sellers, the big question is "How much is my home worth?" Depending on the amount of activity in your market, it may be a tough question for the average home buyer to answer on their own. Some potential sellers look at what's currently on the market in their neighborhood or area. The problem is, this doesn't tell the full story. After all, there's a difference between how much a home is listed for versus actual closed sales.

Real Estate professionals look at recently sold homes in your area (known as comps) that are similar to your home. From there, it's a matter of accounting for the differences to determine the price of your home. Differences in square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, and more are all accounted for in determining the value of your home. Realtors heavily rely on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to get the best picture of current prices and real estate market conditions. Why? Public records don't always tell the full story. The details of a sale involve more than just the price. After all, the terms and conditions of a sale can drastically affect pricing. For example, was the home a short sale? Foreclosure? Was it sold to a friend or relative? These additional details are typically easily available to Realtors. This gives a Realtor the advantage to accurately price a home - often with much more reliable data than what's found in public records or automated home evaluation services.

So, if you want an accurate assessment of the value of your home, just click here to find out how much your home is worth using accurate and effective market data.